1. Oskar Bandit photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  2. Oskar Bandit photo-set by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  3. Lauren Valentine & Oskar Bandit photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  4. Lauren Valentine photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  5. Oskar Bandit photo-set by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  6. Oskar Bandit photo-set by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  7. Oskar Bandit & Lauren Valentine DJ-set by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  8. Oskar Bandit photo-set by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  9. Scooter LaForge for Eryc Taylor Dance, Inc. photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  10. Taylor Miranda & Erin Elizabeth wears vintage minks over Scooter LaForge t-shirts. Styling & photographs by Walt Cessna FL 13

    I’m kinda glad that infamous Downtown wunder-kind, Walter Cessna is Tumblring aplenty . He used to publish a zine dubbed “STOP”, and as a kid sneaking into Manhattan in the afternoons to comb the East Village for subversive material, STOP sure filled the bill. Walter was extremely lucky in that New York way, to have been a friend in his teens with legendary make-up artist, Way Bandy who introduced him to Stephen Sprouse, who Walter then modeled for. In addition to his club kid grenades flung at Seventh Avenue, Walter also toiled as a designer and stylist , having styled Nine Inch Nails’ Downward Spiral Tour.

    Cessna is a de facto keeper of the flame of that 80’s-90’s continuum having written for the original Details magazine when it was published by Annie Flanders and boasted covers by a hot young lens don named Bruce Weber. I won’t presume to say Cessna’s seen it all (Stephen Saban, The East Village Eye, Micheal Alig, et al) but this man can testify to some pretty deep layers of NYC sub-culture. The Walter Cessna Tumblr is full of that messy, gritty, grimy and sticky frisson that has always been a part of the New York Street beat. It’s nice to see that he never homogenized.-




  11. Thank you whoever you are, The Imagist ;) xx

  12. Oskar Bandit photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 14

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  14. waltcessna:

    Walt Cessna photo-set by Jeff Silverman NYC 10

  15. Glenn Fitzgerald photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 93