1. Smog soaked sunsets, burning acid rain
    Slivers of my flesh, playing Abel to your Cain
    Licking asphalt lolly-pops, creature comforts galore
    Designated drivers, wanting less but needing more
    Designer tampons under budget jeans,
    Mass market illusions, ground beef, extra lean
    Dedication to ones own dementia, hiding behind the crazy stick
    Never owning up to what you do, a festering wound you just can’t lick
    Grown men lost in cartoon dreams, a mouthful of hatred
    You allow yourself to ream
    Disco dancing, alone in my room
    Selfish satisfaction, typically brings doom
    Leftover boyfriends, lined up in a row
    Discarded like their memory, wrapped up neatly with a bow
    Dangerous liaisons, at the time seemed quite correct
    Dissolving by the second,
    Your hungry heart, aches, like a special effect - WC FL 13
    Walt Cessna illustrated by Dan Romer NYC 14
  2. Nicolos Pod Homme NYC 11

    Mark Leydorf NYC 10

    Photo-set by Walt Cessna 

  3. Jonathon Daniel Federico NYC 11

    Liam Casey NYC 11

    Photo-set by Walt Cessna 

  4. Photo-set by Walt Cessna L.A. 08


    Photograph by Walt Cessna L.A. 07

  6. William photo-set L.A. 07


    Jake Ryan photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 11. Make-up by Shain Kish

  8. Walt Cessna photo-set by Brett Lindell NYC 13

  9. Polaroid by Walt Cessna FL 86

  10. Photograph by Walt Cessna FL 14

  11. Nicholas Gorham wears pants by Claire Fleury. Hair by Isaac Davidson. Robert J Anderson as human mat. Set by Michael Leva. Photo-set by Walt Cessna NYC 14

  12. Photo-set by Walt Cessna
    REIKO NYC 12 / Nicholas Gorham NYC 14 (Hair & Make-up by Wendy Whitelaw)

  13. Dietmar Busse photo-set for VACZINE #1 2014

    SOFT cover  http://www.blurb.com/b/5483982-vaczine-1-softcover-edition

    HARD cover  http://www.blurb.com/b/5466251-vaczine-1

  14. Photograph by Walt Cessna FL 14

  15. Taylor Miranda wears pants by Claire Fleury & a glitter heart necklace by Muffinhead. Photo-set by Walt Cessna FL 14